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from texas is recognized for 15 minutes. >> mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. smith: i support this legislation to repeal the new health care law which will shrink jobs, increase taxes and limit americans' freedoms. although the supreme court has delivered its decision on obamacare, it is the people whose verdict counts the most. the american people have consistently rejected this costly and ineffective government takeover of the health care sector. they realize the law fail ours families, drives up the cost of health care, undermines the doctor-patient relationship, tramples on the religious liberty of millions of americans, and vastly expands the role of the federal government. after the supreme court decision, we now know that obamacare is a massive tax hike on the middle class. while the supreme court may have declared the law constitutional, that does not mean it is good policy for the american people. obamacare forces millions of americans to abandon their current health care plans and give up the
the spot light this week. very high profile test in u.s. district court here in washington regarding texas's new laws which is causing quite a bit of controversy. how important are voter id laws? what types should be in place. here are the numbers to call, democrats 202-737-0001, republicans 202-737-0002 and independents 202-628-0205. if there's a law in your state, please tell us exactly what it does give us your thoughts. here is the front page of this morning's dallas morning news. story by todd gillman. texas and u.s. lay out voter id arguments. todd gillman join us by phone. give us a history of this texas law and how it came to arise in federal court here in washington? guest: people have been trying to get a federal id law in texas going back at least about 15 years and in fact, at one point as the republican backers of the current law that's being challenged. like to point out some liberal democrats at one point actually supported the law as well. it passed the texas house in 2005, 2007 but died in the senate. eventually in the 2011 legislature, there was a rule change that the r
the board of education and hernandez versus texas, when latinos became a protected class. it means of neatly with her life. it is mostly going to be a political book. i was working on it really intensely, getting a lot done. but my new job is a little harder to go home at night and work late on. it will probably come out in 2013. she is doing her own memoirs. >> there is competition. >> from the woman herself. but since mine is not a biography -- >> what is she now? >> she said hers will come out in early 2013. >> i hope it does, because i can modify what i need to modify. mine is more about the political history. a whole chapter, for example, about a man of people thought bill clinton might put on the court. there was a controversial nominee to the d.c. circuit under george w. bush. you can await that. reuters is a wire service, like a.p., but i am not quickly filing alerts the way jim of the done.- jim matheny had i look at broader trends. i do not have to file every day, but it is the wire, so you have to fill a hole faster than you would for the newspaper. >> is anybody else working on a
. with one person voting present. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. session: madam speaker, by direction of the committee on rules, i call up house resolution 724 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the resolution. the clerk: house calendar number 144, house resolution 724, resolved, that upon adoption of this resolution it shall be in order to consider in the house the bill, h.r. 6079, to repeal the patient protection and affordable care act and health care related provisions in the health care and education reconciliation act of 2010. all points of order against consideration of the bill are waived. the bill shall be considered as read. all points of order against provisions in the bill are waived. the previous question shall be considered as ordered on the bill and any amendment thereto to final passage without intervening motion except one, five hours of debate with 30 minutes equally divided and controlled by the majority leader and minority leader or their respective designees. 60 minutes equa
the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. poe: mr. speaker, for years the united states has used droughns to track terrorists overseas, catch outlaws along the border, and other lawful purposes. now thousands of droughns are headed to the homeland. the f.a.a. plans to allow expanded use of droughns to operate nationwide by -- drones to operate nationwide by the year 2015. it is estimated by 2020, 30,000 of them will be flying in american skies. yes, mr. speaker, the drones are coming. who will operate these drones and what will be their mission? could it be a suspicious government agent who thinks someone looks kind of funny? the e.p.a. bureaucrat to monitor somebody's farm and watch bessie the cow graze in the pasture? or a nosey neighbor who wants to make sure someone's shutters are pretty and the flowers don't violate the homeowners association rules? or could it be a legitimate and lawful and legal purpose of drones that doesn't violate the
off the floor. the house will be in order. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move hat house -- that the house suspend the rules and pass h.r. 3796, thed a dam walsh re-altogether ization act of 2012 as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 3796, a bill to re-authorize certain programs established by the adam walsh child protection and safety act of 2006. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from texas, mr. smith, and the gentleman from new york, mr. nadler, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas. mr. smith: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous materials on h.r. 3796 as amended, currently under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: so be ordered. the house will be in order. will the members please take your conversations off the floor for the debate of these suspensions. the gentleman from texas
of the united states postal service located at 133 hare road in crosby, texas, as the army first sergeant david mcnerney post office building. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from new york, ms. buerkle, and the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from new york. ms. buerkle: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks and include ex -- extraneous material on the bill under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. buerkle: thank you, mr. speaker. i would now like to yield as much time as he may consume to my distinguished colleague from the state of texas, sponsor of this legislation, mr. poe. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. poe: i thank the speaker and i thank the gentlelady from new york for yielding time. mr. speaker, it was the vietnam war. it was march, 1967. 45 years ago. army first sergeant david mcnerne
to the democratic line. john is from texas. john, go ahead. caller: i think these votes are a waste of time. these republicans have done a pretty good job of bringing every negative aspect of this bill to the public. as far as the farm bill and the food stamp program, it will never get past the senate and will never be signed into law by the presence of the united states. you are wasting your time on this nonsense until after the election. they will not be in town for the rest of the year anyway. host: windchills do you think they should be working on him -- which bills do think they should be working on? caller: i think we should get out of afghanistan. host: this was from cbs news yesterday. a tally fund that a republican repeal effort has taken up his 80 hours or two fuld weeks since 2010. -- taken up 80 out worse horn at two fuld weeks -- hours or two full weeks on the floor of the house. we have another caller. caller: the votes are not a waste of time. it highlights the disparities between the 8 parties on health care. what we democrats -- the guilty parties on health care. what the d
to the distinguished chairman of the trade subcommittee, the gentleman from texas, mr. brady. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. brady: thank you, mr. chairman. in the border state we have a lot of people here who are mott legal. as a result, we struggle to provide health care across our state. obamacare will make it worse, will make it harder to help familiar lows. this chart lays out the new health care law, affects every one of you in america. this is the result of that 2,800-page bill. what the supreme court left in place was 159 new federal agencies and bureaucracies in between you and your doctor. what they left in place was 21 new tax increases, a dozen of which hit middle-class families like yourself right in the pocketbook. what it left in place is half a trillion dollars of cuts to our local hospitals, our home health care agencies, our nursing homes, even hospice care, when people are dying, they left in place those cuts. and today, you'll hear when i finish, the ranking member will tell you all the sugar and spice about obamacare in texas. what he wo
united. that decision is incomprehensible to me. host: fort worth, texas. caller: i disagree with the decision and i think it's more about, you know, what the doctors need and not what insurance companies need and i think, you know, they've got to have a term limit for them judges and they ought to be elected by the people and not by one party or the president, you know. host: why would that change things? caller: because then the people have the power instead of the president having the power. and that's the way our government's supposed to be. it's supposed to be -- the government's supposed to represent us and they're not doing that. host: mckinney, texas. this is corina, democrats line. caller: yes. this is corina. i was calling to actually hear -- for everyone that's speaking about the medicare and who should -- let's say over what. but i believe the government stepping in and trying to do something for people such as myself who do not have, you know, medical insurance is very, very happy because of the obama act -- affordable act. i think it's great. i think the republi
to in my hometown and lives in texas now but parts of the new hospital is named after. somebody who delivered me and was there when my mom was delivered as well. dr. pierce was my doctor's name. but with the health care bill, the rest of america gets dr. washington. dr. washington is going to make health care decisions for the american people. if you are sick and need help, you better have the approval of dr. washington first, because dr. washington has a board of bureaucrats that will decide for you what kind of treatment you may or may not receive. dr. washington is going to ensure you have a $1,200 increase in health care premiums if you are the average american family. that's what happened after the first year of the president's health care takeover. you will have a 1% increase in your premium for individuals and families who can buy coverage on their own as if the law hadn't been enacted at all. a 13% increase if the law hadn't been enacted at all. going back to colorado talking to business owners, they talk about what their costs will be. families talk about the insurance that
with the national guard resources and local flooding. this is also supported the texas rangers and the fbi and others. this is a force multiplier for military operations and border security. but we are on the edge of a new horizon. connolly there are 200 active tickets of authorization issued by the federal aviation administration to over 100 different entities, law enforcement departments and academic institutions, to fly these drones domestically. on the monitor, we see the locations of these recipients as of april 2012. the number of recipients has increased since that time. the faa plans to select six test cities for the use of the non- government drowns this year to allow the deployment of non- government drowns by the year 2015. the faa is responsible for ensuring these systems safely, with only 2.5 short years until they dominate the skies, no federal agency has taken the lead for the full implications of these unmanned aerial systems and developing the policies and guidelines for their use. four years ago, the government accountability office recommended to the city -- the secretar
. as if this plot was not frightening enough, cutting edge research out of the university of texas in austin has revealed more security vulnerabilities. specifically researchers from the cockle school of engineering led by dr. scott humphries proved that unmanned aerial systems can be hacked into and hijacked with a relatively small investment of money and time. these findings are alarming and revealed the gaping hole in the security of using unmanned aerial systems domestically. now is the time to insure these vulnerabilities are mitigated to protect our aviation system as the use continues to grow. the department of common securities mission protect the homeland. d h s seems either a disinterested or unprepared to step up to the plate to address the proliferation of unmanned aerial systems in u.s. airspace spirit the potential threats they pose to our national security hwill be used including protecting civil liberties of individuals under the constitution. in discussion with my subcommittee staff, department officials repeatedly stated that the department does the see this function as part of
minority member of the committee on oversight and government reform. the gentleman from texas, mr. smith, the gentleman from michigan, mr. conyers, the gentleman from california, mr. issa, and the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, each will control 30 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. issa. mr. issa: thank you, madam chair. i yield myself two minutes. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. issa: thank you. job creation is rightfully the top of americans' agenda. americans know that as long as the unemployment rate stays high , wages are stagnant and more than 12.7 million americans seek jobs they cannot find. more than 42% or nearly six million of those americans have been unemployed for more than six months. madam chair, the verdict is in, the president's stimulus plan has failed, while costing over $1 trillion and still counting, those jobs that were created were short and they too are disappearing. ultimately small business will create the engine going forward. today's bill in fact is designed specifically to give confidence
to the author of this bill, the gentleman from texas, the man who understands that not knowing should never be an answer, mr. paul. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. issa: two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: for two minutes. mr. paul: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i rise obviously in strong support of this legislation. i don't know how anybody could be against transparency and they want secrecy, especially when the secrecy is to protect individuals who deal in trillions of dollars, much bigger than what the congress does, and these trillions of dollars bail out all the wealthy , rich people, the banks and the big corporations, international, overseas banks, bailing out europe, dealing with central banks around europe, around europe, and different places. and so say that we should have secrecy and say that it's political to have transparency, well, it's very political when you have a federal reserve that can bail out one company and not another company. that's pretty political. i know when people talk about independence and having this privacy of th
tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chairman from texas is recognized. mr. smith: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, who is a distinguished jurist before he became a member of congress and then a distinguished member of the judiciary committee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. i can verify that there are people who have already lost their insurance because of obamacare. . it is not true that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. people have lost doctors who were assured if you like your doctor you can keep them. that is not true. we were told there would be no tax. and that's not true. in fact, in the bill itself, one of the most devastating things, if you are a single individual and making 133% of the poverty level, you are making $14,000 and can't afford $12,000 insurance policy, you are going to be fined at 2 1/2%. it is a tax. it will devastate. you make $40,000, a family of four, five, six, $1,000 fine because you can't afford a $12,000 policy, th
'malley and the people of maryland. 22 african-american neighborhoods in houston, texas. i think the need for a voter intimidation act is documented, real, and would prohibit any person from purposely misleading voters regarding the qualifications are restrictions. the bill offers new ways to enforce these provisions. it provides a tool for effective oversight by requiring the attorney general to report to congress allegations of dissemination of false information within 180 days of an election. the first witness will be send your pardon -- senator carden. these are the things we've read about in in our history books. but to see it in recent times, it is evil and ron. -- wrong. >> mr. chairman, to paraphrase justice scalia, frequently, the bill raises a first amendment issue. the potential harm is understood only after careful study. "but this wolf comes as a wolf." it represents a frontal attack on first amendment freedom of speech. the bill before us today was originally proposed by then senator obama at the 2007 hearing on this bill, but maryland county executives complained about campaign literat
: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. the gentleman from texas. mr. smith: mr. chairman, i yield one minute to the gentleman from nevada, mr. amodei, who is a member of the judiciary committee. the chair: the gentleman from nevada for one minute. mr. amodei: thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, mr. chairman, for the time. i find it interesting that we're sitting here having a discussion about regulations in this context. i believe that it is the regulations that are the byproduct of this process that we engage here. it's called legislation. the regulatory process is not the fourth branch of government, that has no accountability to anyone and basically can do whatever the heck it darn well pleases. the agencies that we are talking about here today, none of which exist in the constitution, were created by this congress which means if we created you, we can darn well talk about the regulations that you provided. when i hear words like ideology, cynicism, really bad policy, what is the danger in predictability, for instance, in the timing of the regulatory process? there is nothing i
: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for five minutes and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. poe: mr. speaker, bangladesh national was convicted in 2008 of promoting sexual performance of a child. after he served his sentence in new york, an immigration judge asked islam to be deported back to where he came from but bangladesh wouldn't take back their deviant. they delayed, delayed, delayed until by law he was released back onto the streets of america. as other countries are well aware, u.s. law does not allow indefinite incarceration. six weeks after his release, islam struck again at another victim. on a cool evening in november in new york, 73-year-old grandmother, lois decker, a mother, a grandmother, retired school cook, a sunday school teacher was walking home from the grocery store. islam stalked her and followed her into her home and murdered the defenseless grandmother. but stealing her life just wasn't enough fo
: the gentlelady yields back. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: thank you, mr. speaker. indiana prison inmate ryan grimminger collected unemployment benefits during his two-year sentence in the county jail for a drug crime. he collected $14,000 of taxpayer money. he was in jail and the government continued to pay him any way. only in america will we pay people in jail because they are unemployed. grimminger should not have obtained money from honest american taxpayers but he did. government is becoming incompetent when it comes to paying unemployment benefits. according to cnn the federal government overpaid $14 billion in unemployment benefits just last year. that means 11% of all jobless benefits paid out were not supposed to be paid to those individuals. those overpayments that should have gone to people in need were sent by government to those who didn't deserve any money. you see, not all payments are to honest people who are looking for jobs and are out of work. inmate grimminger's case is bad, but there's more. a convicted killer, murderer
with the governor of texas rick perry if you are anything like me and you participated in our caucuses, you were gratified to help him win a dramatic ups that and sweep those caucuses. if you're anything like me, yet also been gratified to see him strongly fall in behind the imperative to replace barack obama with a conservative minded republicans such as mitt romney. we are very pleased that he has set up the special video message to the summit since he and karen had hoped to visit in person but they are on a well aren't family vacation. let's hear from senator rick santorum by video. >> i am sorry i cannot be with you. i certainly enjoyed my time there last year. i greatly appreciate the warm welcome. i want to thank all the folks for the wonderful surprise that we ended up winning. i do not know of any that was more of a shock. i would like to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have our boys to be heard -- voice to be heard. that is one of the reasons we decided to start patriot voices, a website and an organization, to make sure your voice continues to be heard not just t
- conservative compromise in the sense that liberals have favored the steps of implicit texas as a way of increasing productivity. conservatives have said their ways on saving budget revenues. have resulted in very high tax rates. lower income households are especially affected. i remind you that you have these implicit taxes in pell grants and dozens of programs including most of the subsidies in the tax systems. we have done a lot of work on trying to calculate these taxes. the first grant on the screen is the same as a figure oneb, and shows the maximum benefits for which a single head of household in two children will be eligible. rates are low. they are even negative, and $10,000 to $50,000 of income. thereafter they rise quickly. figure three of my testimony, i show the effective tax rate for households as income rises from $10,000 to $40,000. income and social security taxes take away 30% of earnings and then universally available programs, items like eic -- that raises the rate. if people are in welfare programs, it can rise above 80%. what used to be called a poverty trap is n
seman, texas a&m university, chief research officer and vice president for research testified, and i quote, federal agencies and federal regulators must reduce and/or eliminate unnecessary, overly burdensome, and/or redundant regulatory and reporting obligations for universities and their faculty in order to maximize investments more directly into research priorities and allow faculty time to be optimally utilized. dr. leslie tolbert, university of arizona, senior vice president for research testified, again i quote, the growing burden of compliance with the increasing numbers and complexity of federal regulations consumes increasing amounts of time and money, having less for more direct support for research. finally, dr. james sedow, vice provost for research at my alma mater, duke university, testified that research universities have been subjected to and i quote, growing number of research related compliance regulation that is have flowed down from federal agencies over the past 10 to 15 years, and that record, the research related and quality assurance cost to duke between 2000 a
. >> the gentleman from texas is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman and madam secretary for being here. when you were here back in october we discussed the week before he had been online using the security clearance you have given him when you placed him on the advisory -- the homeland's security advisory council. he used that to access the state and local intelligent data base and download the material. we have information that he shot at trying to claim texas was islamophobes. since that time, you told me personally at that time that you were going to look into it. you were not going to appoint somebody. you yourself would look into it. what did you find out? >> i found out the statements that have been made in that regard are false, misleading and objectionable. >> you need to know that you have people who are applying in your department. the texas department of public safety has been told the investigation was done. he did access the classified information with his own private computer. he did download the documents that we knew he did. the one thing they could not confirm because they did n
in the first place because their economies are not based upon the same premise as the louisiana and texas economy, then this is that recipe. this is what we're voting on here today. i reserve the balance of my time. . the chair: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from washington is recognized mr. hastings: i rise to claim time in opposition to the amendment. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. hastings: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. hastings: mr. chairman, let's be very frank. this amendment won't increase safety but will add red tape and open new avenues for lawsuits to interfere with the process of creating american energy and creating american jobs. the types of safety measures identified in the amendment are already in place and they are already enforceable. on multiple occasion occasions, the obama administration has said operations are being conducted safely. with this amendment, the minority tries to divert attention away from the real issue of increasing energy production, american energy p
to that line. they deliver that line in texas. they deliver that line in california. they deliver that line in vermont. there is the electoral college. it is still there. the reason why they deliver the line of fear is because they know that the greens represent challenge and that we are competition and they do not want us to take it anywhere in the country. they don't want competition. they are not afraid of the republicans or losing. they lose all the time. they made it an industry, losing. they won all the time they would not have a job. so, i am going to conclude in a few moments. we have a little bit of dirty work to do here. it is the type of dirty work i like to do. i would like to make it a formality a reality. please welcome holly hart of iowa. the state that al gore walled wisconsin in 2000. wrong side of the river, al. >> so the grass roots rules. we have a vice presidential candidate, and when this person is announced, we need from you at least 50% majority approval. we want you to register it by a show of hands and whatever noise that you wish to make. >> i move -- i will play
. that is up from our e-mail. dallas, texas, on our line for democrats -- caller: good morning. i am totally upset with congress. why are they on recess again? they will not do their jobs and if they knew sequestration was coming up but they don't want to act because they don't want tthe defense budget to be cut. host: is your message to them? what should they do? caller: they should do their job. if you pass a law, go through with it. let it go through. don't change your mind at the last minute because of special interests that are being paid. that is the bottom line. that is the problem. congress is being influenced by all the money and the supreme court made that clear. host: the lead story in this morning's "the washington times" - back to the phones, our discussion on your message to congress on sequestration, for royal, va., on our line for republicans. are you there? to right, let's move on philadelphia -- caller: how are you? what's your message to congress on sequestration? caller: my message is leaded k again. my message is democrats in the senate and house -- why aren't you workin
. host: marcia's joins us from texas -- marcia joins us from texas. caller: i am independent and i did vote for obama. this is an election year and there is a problem with jobs and the economy. bring home those troops will cause a big problem in terms of the economy. i believe things will change after this election if obama is elected. i don't think things will change until after the election. this is a political environment. thank you so much for your call. host: how much are you thinking about the issue of afghanistan as you look at candidates and think about your vote? caller: i am kind of on the fence. no matter who vote for, i probably will be holding my nose a little be it. as far as afghanistan, that money should not be spent the re. no matter how much we think we know, we do not know what the bargain was in terms of afghanistan and why that money was promised. i think we need to wait and see what happens after the election. host: thank you for sharing your perspective. you can: about the inspector general report. democrats can call and 202-737- 0001. republicans, 202-737-0002.
: thank you for the comments from the first 45 minutes of today's "washington journal." houston, texas, a republican line. caller: how are you doing? listen, the only thing that worries me about the rulings -- the supreme court rulings, it is already giving morals that -- immortal status to the corporations. there should be a limit to a lot of the stuff as far as the financing of the whole thing. host: let's talk about some of the limits that are currently out there to educate folks about the election law. guest: there are limits giving money directly to candidates and the parties. within the structure, there is a limit to how much donors can give, romney a donor, whether an individual or corporation, can give a million dollars to the group supported the candidates so it kind of gives -- to influence the election. host: it seems like the next frontier, another one of the stories that you wrote for campaign finance folks who want to lose in the laws is the disclosure issue. texas a little bit through some of the disclosure laws on the books now. guest: i think that is one of the more in
of texas. i'll take a bit of my time to tell you a story. i passed a bill five years ago. i was in paris, texas making a speech. one of my good friends said, congressman, will you be able to make rain? it had not reagan days. i said, it well, that is sectiod page. he said, really? i said i just gave him a silly answer to a silly question. three years later, we had rainfall that drowned people and all of the farm programs below it. it rained incessantly day and night. i called him at 3:01 morning and his wife said he was mad when he got to the fund. he said, hello. i said hello. do you remember the question you asked me about that bill? go outside. >i have to go through that every time i go to paris, texas now. he was a good enough for and i could tell that to him now. we know how really timely this hearing is. we are very grateful to you all for your time and preparation to get here. for the time to help us. according to the u.s. drought monitor, over 70% of the u.s. is currently abnormally dry or worse. further, over half of the continental u.s. is experiencing moderate to extreme droug
this country. host: houston, texas, reginald. asking about wealth and whether it is an impossible dream. caller: when the government accountability of this came out and said we misappropriated $52 billion out of the pentagon were spending budget, they have no accountability for it. those are dollars that could go to medicare programs, the medical program that he had and also for social security. unless you are the military industrial complex, when the government is dealing without any accountability and oversight of military dollars, obama, libya, those things, it is difficult for the note -- middle-class and lower class to raise up. host: have you connect that to wealth? caller: when you create jobs, when you create waits for people to survive and provide for health care insurance and for jobs for long term stability, able or disabled, it increases and empowers the people. that is why it dr. -- was against the war because war takes away opportunities from the economy. host: of about the idea of achieving wealth is based on himself or herself? caller: not when the government misappropriates dol
austin, texas. this is from bloomberg "business week." why super p.a.c.'s make the best attack ads. -- host: there's not a lot of supervision, oversight or accountability, says mark mckinnon. -- let's take a look at some recent super p.a.c. advertisements on the presidential level. >> mitt romney, the businessman. take a look at his record. romney bought companies, drowned them in debt, many went bankrupt. thousands of workers lost jobs, benefits and pensions. but for every company he drove into the ground, romney averaged a $92 million profit. now he says his business experience would make him a good president? if romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities u.s.a. reaction is responsibility for the -- responsible of the content of this advertising. >> america's jobless rate just went up again but after a record 42 straight months of unemployment, president obama insists. >> the private sector is doing fine. 20 million americans can't find jobs. thousands of them have been out of work for a year. and under obama, nearly 800,000 more women are unemployed. >> the private sector i
recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: thank you, madam speaker. recently i heard from jacqueline, a small business owner in southeast texas, and here's what she said. business owners who want to succeed put their heart and soul into their business. they are the ones who get there at the crack of dawn and leave after everyone else has long settled in for the night. i have been a small business owner and i know a great many others like me, and nobody did anything for us. we did it ourselves and the only thing the government did for us was to tax us. apparently this president disagrees with jacqueline's statement. according to the administration, quote, if you got a business you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. so the president is infering that government should get the credit for the success of entrepreneurs. he is wrong, madam speaker. people are the reason for americans' success, not government. americans have the vision, creativity and audacity to pursue a dream, not the government. americans risk their life savings, not knowing what profi
. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: thank you, mr. speaker. there's a new small business in my district in southeast texas. cool blast lemmon aid stand, run by the southern sisters of texas. clara is seven, eliza is four. their newees employee is little brother irick who recently was hired to join the team. they even have their own facebook page with 867 followers. on their facebook page they say this about their business, we are entrepreneurs who started a lemonade stand for lemonade day. we are going to continue to work to earn money to spend it on things we would like. they also share with our two chosen charities, meals on wheels, and paws for texas rescue. mr. speaker, they learned all of these lessons without any interference from the federal government. . their father andrew said this. they did it all only their own. nobody helped them except us. my wife and i both run our own businesses so running a lemonade stand was showing them what they could do. they were curious how we got money for things. mr. speaker, t
of texas. representing the 14th district. he's been running for president although no longer actively campaigning. has not officially suspended his bid. his path includes libertarian party nomination for president in 1988. he served as an air force flight surgeon, served in the u.s. house. he's a doctor and served in the military in the air force. and the air national guard. we have democratic caller, libertarian more specifically on the line from new jersey. chris joins us. hi. caller: hi. good morning. just want to start off by saying how much we appreciate what you do, dr. paul. i was one of the few who was in philadelphia watching you. it was a magical day. the economics of the drug policy, i heard you touch on it earlier, it's an issue that is almost under talked about. and definitely want to hear so more people can understand it. from an economic point of view. guest: very good. there is not enough attention paid to it. i do talk about it at times. maybe not enough. but it is a big economic issue. since the 1970's and modern day war on drugs we have spent literally trillions of
on the dream act. the men in texas, we have seen in 90% -- living in texas, we have seen 90% good as opposed to harm. i appreciate there have been a number of realization of powers under the law that your agency has been affected in utilizing. i think this executive order will be helpful to all of us. it would be better under a comprehensive immigration reform. the 14-year-old texas girl was missing from 2010 until 2012 and was -- it was proven that she was given a fake name. she was held in the harris county jail. they took fingerprints but did not confirm identity before deporting her. in another incident, a chicago area resident born in india and adopted by an american, was flat as an illegal immigrant after a drug-related arrests because the federal government never updated his immigration status. he was held for two months in a maximum prison before they cancel the attention -- canceled the detention order. what phil years -- what failures could allow a u.s. citizen to be detained? please share before the subcommittee the outreach efforts ice initiated through secure communities, if at
journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning. after fundraisers in texas on tuesday, president obama back at the white house today. this morning have a series of meetings with his dagger culture secretary and others to discuss the drought and heat waves. this afternoon, meetings with secretary clinton and panetta. reporting romney will announce his vice- presidential running mate after the summer olympics, which begin later this month. it is wednesday, july 18. on the campaign trial, the attacks are getting intense. the tone is negative. we want to begin with your comments on this election. our phone lines are open. 202-737-0001 for democrats. 202-737-0002 for republicans. 202-628-0205 for independents. to in the conversation on twitter -- or send us an e-mail. here is how the story is playing out this morning. here is a photograph of mitt romney yesterday in cincinnati. the 2012 attacks intensified as battle prolines are drawn. "the washington times" -- both campaigns positively-at an earlier stage. during the 2008 race, president obama described a negative campaign a
of the chair, the ayes have it and the amendment is adopted. the gentleman from texas. >> mr. chairman, i have an amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. sessions of texas. page 9, line 6, after the dollar amount insert reduced by $10 million. page 35, line 15, after the dollar amount insert increase by $10 million. page 35, line 23, after the dollar amount insert increased by $10 million. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. sessions: i would like to recognize both the gentlemen, mr. dicks and mr. young for their outstanding service not only to our country but to this congress on behalf of making sure we have freedom and the men and women that protect this country, i express my gratitude to both of them. i thank mr. rogers and the gentleman from new jersey, who is from the committee here today and i want to thank him also. i stand up in support of the dedication and hard work this congress has done for work on something known as ptsd. this congress, as you may know, mr. chairman, has continued its increasing funding overall and by this bill by $125 million. on m
from texas, the republican conference chairman, mr. hensarling. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for three minutes. mr. hensarling: i thank the gentleman for yielding. madam speaker, my democratic colleagues come to the floor and question, why are we here to vote to repeal the president's health care program? let me offer a few reasons. number one, the american people don't want it. the longer people have to know this bill, the more interested they are in seeing it repealed. reason number two, we hear from our friends on the other side of the aisle, well, the supreme court said it was constitutional. well, the $5 trillion of additional debt that they and president obama have foisted on the american people, it's constitutional, but, madam speaker, it is not wise. seniors know that the president's health care program cut half a trillion dollars out of medicare. a half a trillion dollars. the independent payment advisory board, one of 159 boards, commissions, programs to get between americans and their doctors, the independent payment advisory board, there t
, and in michigan. in texas, and a few other places. >> what is it that you what lawmakers, policymakers, and their staff to see on capitol hill? >> first, the display for the consumer electronics adderall, -- at home, but we also have a wide range of products. including the products we have here today. we need to be able to generate new forms of energy. it once you generate it, of course, you've got to be able to store it intelligently and manage it. along with the traditional forms of power generation in the grid, more and more people are actually creating their own energy at home, typically, using wind power or more importantly, solar. in salem, ore., we make these giant, heavy refined form of the silica that get sliced into thin layers and then turn into the module that make up solar panels. panasonic is the -- is proud to be the company with the single most efficient energy pass through with solar panels, a little over 20%. over time, we hope to grow that, so more energy is actually collected and sent down the system into your home for storage. although we do not provide that with p
] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> today, news makers with kevin brady of texas. then they talk about the fair lending settlement with wells fargo. later we will take you live to the annual meeting closing session on entrepreneurship. >> joining us on this sunday, congressman kevin brady is the vice chair of the joint economic committee. we talk about taxes, the economy, health care. joining us is a congressional correspondent for the national journal and richard rubin. >> president obama made his case for extending almost all of the tax cuts that are scheduled to expire. republicans agree that we should extend it for '90s term of the people. he said let's do what we agree on and fight about what we disagree on. what is wrong? >> it gives far more uncertainty. we have a struggling economy. we are three years after the recession ended. we have the worst recovery since world war ii. this will create more uncertainty. it's just not solve the problem. it is not solve the economic problem. it will not be good to fight over this. it is not serious about deficit reducti
's in the article. host: barbara, good morning, republican line from western texas, good morning. caller: good morning, gentlemen. the first caller i heard, about hiding mitt romney hiding something, well, obama is hiding something bigger that was negated in his presidency. i speak to sheriff arapao's secretary this spring and found out lately that they had a news release on the investigation into obama's birth certificate and found out that the coding system that is dictated by the federal government in 1961 is not the same codingna they used on the short form or the long form that he presumably presented to the press. and they spoke to the lady who had supposedly signed the birth certificate, a verna k. lee, and she said no, the coding is absolutely wrong on his apparent birth certificate. host: thank you for the call. this issue continues to come up. this morning, david maris addressing the birth certificate and also his religious upbringing, called the audacity of doubt, conspiracy theorists about obama heed neither facts nor reason. guest: look, the facts are clear. it's really sort of si
for a campaign? caller: i am 92. i was down with bill and hillary clinton in texas in 1972. host: that's awesome. what were you doing? caller: i was called back into the korean war. i get hot about politics and finding the truth. romney made five different statements last night and none of them were true and they caught it stand corrected it. host: it was nice to hear from you from richmond, michigan, a longtime volunteer. tom is a republican in erie, pennsylvania. hi. caller: good morning. i am not volunteering because i have zero time to do any volunteering because of my work hours. all i can do is send the money. i am sending money to obama whenever i can. host: you are calling on the republican line. caller: i have been a republican 42 years. i am a republican. what i've watched go on with the republican party is disgusting. what people need to start thinking about is these misinformation campaigns from the republicans funded by big money. these people funding money into the republican campaign's they want something for that. we have to step back and look at voter registration laws that are
are not making long-term problems worse. >> thank you. the gentleman from texas for five minutes. >> thank you. good to have you back. i want to go back to april of 2008. i think that is when you were president of the federal reserve bank in new york. you first addressed the issue of of libor. were you aware that informal e- mails were coming into the new york fed saying there is something up with libor? >> i do not believe that i was aware of those specific concerns before the spring of 2008. in response to your request, my colleagues are looking at a full range available year we will share with you in make sure you have that. i was looking at your response about this disclosure. i thought you made structural recommendations about how libor could be more reflective, but here is my issue with that. if they were having structural problems, i thought your e-mail was appropriate. what was being disclosed here was fraud. the special counsel for the federal financial crisis inquiry information said the regulator has an obligation to make a criminal referral if he expects a crime may have occurred m
. army staff sergeant todd m. nelson. >> here in san antonio, texas, surgeons, rehab specialists, and researchers are doing everything they can to deal with these deep injuries, helping soldiers heel, and finding new ways to help restore their function. >> my main thing was function. if i had any room left for more, i wanted my eyelids to close. i wanted to be able to eat a hamburger. >> todd nelson was serving in the army in afghanistan. i am sorry -- in iraq. he was riding in an unarmored vehicle through the city. he drove past a suicide bomber, who detonated his vehicle full of explosives and shrapnel. todd was sitting in the right front passenger seat. >> he is in an suv, and there was a white toyota? >> that is right. he was in an army convoy, taking stuff back and forth. simply because of the need for armor out in the field, there were not enough armored vehicles for him to ride in. there were using a regular suv. this white toyota corolla exploded. it tore off the side of the truck that todd was riding in. it catastrophically burned him, even under his helmet. it burned of
. culberson of texas for food. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the request is granted. under the speaker's announced policy of january 5, 2011, the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. nothing like being villeified to -- vullified to get your senses acutely atuned. but we had a hearing in judiciary last week, july 19, actually, in which the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, appeared. during the exchange that i had with secretary napolitano, i said these words, it's from the transcript. and this administration seems to have a hard time recognizing members of terrorist groups who are allowed into the white house. you're aware of that happening, aren't you, secretary napolitano? absolutely not. well, this week, apparently somebody brought her back in the loop and she testified before pete king's committee. and a couple of articles about it. rather interesting. one from "the hill", jordy yager, apparently posted july 26, says homeland security secretary janet na
has expired. the gentleman from texas is recognized for 5 minutes. >> thank you. your office was their response of the other day when we sent you a letter in regards to the libor issue. we will send you an additional letter today or tomorrow. one of the things that is interesting to me -- one of the 16 banks that were reporting on the libor dollar index, it would be difficult for one bank to influence that index, wouldn't it? >> generally, yes. >> it had to be more than one bank underreporting or not accurately reporting their borrowing. >> the reason some of the banks under reported during the crisis was not to affect the overall libor rate necessarily but because these numbers are reported publicly, they want to avoid giving the impression they were weak and others were strong. >> if one bank is reporting dividend the other ones, that of his it would not influence the overall index. >> if they were in the top four or the bottom four, they would be cut out. >> when the fed first learned about this, you have some correspondence with the bank of england. three domestic banks w
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